Atlanta based photographer ISO candid street behavior, light bulb moments & mother nature's poetry. 
"Juliette’s work is deeply human. She captures not only interesting moments, but she connects with her subjects. These are often people she encounters as strangers, who become willing subjects. They bare their souls for her. I've seen her do this and it's a talent that most people don't have. It's hard to do and it takes courage.” 
- Lynn Neuman, Artist

"Juliette’s work is informal, revealing and well thought out. She observes and captures instants we otherwise would never see. She has become an important and influential photographer in the fields of street and film photography. As the best of photography does, her work shows, tells and educates." 
- Peggy Cozart, Photographer and photo educator

"We live in a world that believes it takes collective clicks to create the content that matters in our lives. Juliette’s photography shows us otherwise. Her talent and expertise take us beyond the simple enjoyment of a well-crafted shot. Juliette is a messenger, and her work engages us to witness the timeless enduring within the time frame of a single click. “Pay attention” resides within each image, opening us to consider what we might be missing. In her mastery of the “additional F-stop,” Juliette Mansour makes me want to stop and pay attention. Genius and generosity, evidenced in a singular click. This is why we create." 
- Bernadette Rose Smith, author of The Luminous Slide