Artistic Mission Statement
As Juliette Mansour, the person writing this statement, I care about many things, but I use art, my professional skills and experience in photography, communication and my love of personal growth and awareness to feed these things I care about:
I care deeply about people and I care about the diversity of the cultures in which we live.
I care about awareness and self-improvement for all; a clearer mind, body and spirit for our personal benefit and for the benefit of the whole.
I care about meaningful communication in all its possible forms…
And …
I care deeply about art and the passionate, creative pursuit of practicing art.
Why I Make and Post Images
 I have no choice. Without it, I wither and may perish. Not practicing art throws me terribly off balance.
 I feel compelled to share what I experience – always have. I cannot keep my experiences to myself. I try to give them away and hope it makes a connection with you.
How I Pursue Art
– Offline through the study of film photography and darkroom development, street photography, writing and journalling, meditation, healthy eating, cycling and music.
– On this site, through photography, mostly, of
people – how they want to be seen and how I candidly see them in everyday life
places – a moment when I see a symbolic meaning present
events – stories around what others want me to document for them
food – meals I create and the ways to healthier, cleaner, more responsible food choices
My mission is to share the experiences from my creative pursuit, to encourage and inspire others toward a deeper awareness of themselves and each other, as well as towards conscious living in general.
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