Who is The Atlanta Street Photography Group?
After having participated in the Vivian Maier Global Meetup, I wanted to take my love of street photography further and share the love of the genre. So, I created the Atlanta Street Photography Group (ASPG) – an informal group that began on Flickr..
Generating interest was slow as there were no Google searches coupling Atlanta and street photography and virtually no interest existed here at that time. Our group started with only four people, but soon I discovered a few photographers here and there who seemed interested in candid street shooting. ASPG eventually grew to about over 25 members online.
What does ASPG do?
The goal and mission of the group is to nurture respect for the history of street photographyas a genre and to keep the art alive through active participation. As a small, casual group, we shoot together and we hold discussions that keep us focused on the aspects of good street art, but we also bring in our personal styles and eclectic tastes.
Who can join the ASPG?
The group is open to any Atlanta resident who has an interest in classic street photography. You can be a student of photography or a seasoned professional, but you must live in Atlanta and must know what street photography is and what it is not.
How do I join the ASPG group?
What kind of camera should I use?
Some of us shoot digital and some of us shoot with film. The camera type doesn’t matter… only a willingness to explore the genre via scheduled monthly discussion meetings and random meet ups.
If you are in the Atlanta area and interested in exploring street photography, contact me to get on the list. We look forward to meeting you!
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